My vision involves moving forward as a community in the face of enormous change and growth.  I envision a type of governance that fosters collaboration between our municipal agencies, community organizations, citizens, and the private sector alike.  I see an approach that focuses on being better, and not settling for status quo.  One that is proactive, and no longer reactive.  And one that is prudent to our residents before being lavish to our guests.  I will insist we are able to justify the value of developments being funded with tax dollars.  I won’t allow us to congratulate ourselves for giving away tens of millions but setting aside a few hundred-thousand over 25 years.  We are subsidizing our most valuable parcels in the city for projects that stress resources, artificially inflate prices, and even reduce parking by simply offering “development”.  These developments would likely have all occurred without TIF money. There are too many other needs to address.

My vision is not grandiose.  My vision for Rochester is practical.  Small changes have a big impact when done with the right intentionality.  I will continue to bring forth constructive ideas that I hope will be able to address the underlying causes of issues, rather than simply throwing money at symptoms.  We all benefit when we seek to understand and lift up everyone in our community.

Vote Spencer Goetzman for mayor on August 14th