Meet Spencer

I am running for mayor because I believe in this city.  I believe in the amazing people we have here, and want to help preserve the great standards of living we enjoy.  I am running because I want the needs of everyday citizens to be represented at City Hall every day.

Rochester is now in a state of growth and change like never before, and that gives rise to great opportunities.  These will be new endeavors for us as a community, and for that we must be cautiously optimistic.  Optimistic because we have such amazing resources and assets already here, yet cautious because, with such rapid growth, the voices of the citizens can get lost.   Using innovative collaborations,  alignment of resources, transparency, and intentionality I intend to help harness this growth to be beneficial to all.

Our city currently has an important financial commitment to the DMC Initiative, as well as an ever-growing list of needs:  schools, roads, police/fire services, water/sewer.  I will be a strong advocate for the people, and work to encourage growth that allows our essential services to thrive.  Education, safety, and sustainability are important to us all.

Rochester deserves a mayor who is willing to bring forth ideas, be in touch with the citizens, and be accountable to the voters.  I look forward to sharing my ideas on how we can enhance the public transit plan, strategize on affordable housing, and even reopen the Chateau.

I am a carpenter by trade and run a residential remodeling business.  I have lived and worked in homes in every quadrant of our city and spent six years doing the same in one of the largest metro areas in North America.  I care deeply about design and infrastructure, and understand how it impacts commute times, cost of living, and, in turn, attracting the workers we need.

I served the City of Rochester as a Firefighter/EMT (2006-2009).  I served in Afghanistan and Iraq while in the US Army’s 82d Airborne Division (infantry, 2002-2005).  I am one of five siblings born, raised, and proudly educated here in Rochester (Jefferson, Churchill, Hoover, Kellogg, Mayo ’96).

We all have needs.  We all have something to give.  We should all want to be here at the end of the day.